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Send me your voltage regulator to be repaired.

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It’s inevitable that at some point ALL electronic devices fail. The word MTBF (mean time between failures) was coined as a result. Sometimes we all make mistakes and blow things up. (Sh)It happens!

So, if you find yourself with a voltage regulator that has failed, I will attempt to repair it. If it’s one of mine, It’s a no brainer – I add replacement components for whatever has malfunctioned and return it to you.

If it’s a Fun Projects voltage regulator, I normally have a greater than 50/50 success rate of fixing it. If I can’t fix it, I’ll refund your order minus a $10 shipping cost.

Order this product. I’ll send you a shipping label via email that you can print out and affix to your box to send me your regulator in the mail. Shipping is included in the order cost both for sending your regulator to me and my returning it to you.

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