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I’ve been rebuilding antique parts for Model T’s for several years now. My background is electrical engineering and race car building, so I approach this business with years of mechanical and electronics experiences under my belt.

I’ve learned the idiosyncrasies of rebuilding these units from the best folks in the business including Ron Patterson aka “The Coilman”, Steve Tomaso, and several others. There’s a right way to rebuild these parts and a wrong way. I take the time, spend the money on high quality parts, and fabricate some of them myself to do it right.

Ford Model t

Popular Products

Rebuilt Starters

Professionally rebuilt 6v Model T Starters & 12v Model T Starter conversions are available now.

Voltage Regulators

Tired of overcharged batteries?  Get a new Voltage Regulator and save your battery! Both 6 volt and 12 volt versions available now.

Rebuilt Generators

Breathe new life into your Model T charging system with a superior-quality professionally rebuilt generator.



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What Our Customers say

“I get all my 12volt starter conversions from Jeff. His workmanship is outstanding, as is his attention to detail. The Bendix fits like a glove into his brass starter nose bushings. The voltage regulators are a welcome addition to his portfolio. I’ll be using them on my customer’s cars.”

Steve Tomaso, Longbranch, Washington

“Jeff has developed and tested a newly designed voltage regulator for the Model T Ford generator that may be used in place of the problematic reverse current cutout and to replace earlier versions of the Voltage Regulator that are no longer available. This new product will greatly enhance long term generator and battery reliability and help prevent premature failures from exceeding the battery charging systems capabilities. I highly recommend you use one”

Ron Patterson, The Coil Man

“I have purchased the Voltage Regulators from MTS for my Ford customers in Australia and New Zealand. The products are extremely well made and Jeff is responsive whenever questions arise.”

Dave’s Early Ford Parts

“I bought one of the MTS Voltage Regulators recently and I was blown away when I opened the package – Very professional! The clear, concise instructions were spot on. And the product looks fantastic and works very well. No more killed batteries from over-charging.  I’ll be recommending these to every Model T owner I meet.”

Ralph, Central Valley NY

“I’ve been getting Model T starters, generators AND voltage regulators from MTS for several years now and everything is top quality. Jeff’s attention to every detail is impressive, and I’m a mechanic and restoration expert!”

Erik Barrett, Auburn CA