If you have a Ford Model T Starter or Model T Generator that is failing, or you need to purchase one outright, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been rebuilding these antique parts for several years now. My background is electrical engineering and race car building, so I approach this business with years of mechanical and electronics experiences under my belt. I’ve learned the idiosyncrasies of rebuilding these units from the best folks in the business including Ron Patterson aka “The Coilman”, Steve Tomaso, and several others. There’s a right way to rebuild these parts and a wrong way. I take the time, spend the money on high quality parts, and fabricate some of them myself to do it right.

This means that I may not always have units in stock. I try and rebuild 10 or so of each at a time, but they sell out quickly. It takes about a month from start to finish to complete 10 units.

12 Volt Starter Conversions: these conversions are a huge amount of work. I only do them upon request and slide them in with my other rebuilds. I’ve put a few dozen of them in service over the past several years and they all work very well. I’ve honed the process down to all the correct, intricate procedures.

I offer a 12 month warranty on my work. This is much longer than the “other” vendors offer, and I do it because I’m that confident in my work. If it breaks in that timeframe, I’ll send you another unit.