Rebuilt Generators

Ford Model t

Rebuilt Generators


NOTE: ALL 10-32 and 6-32 screws and split washers in all locations replaced with zinc coated decorative flat-head screws just like were on the unit when new. Steel Brush Terminal screws replaced w/ brass for better conductivity.


If you want a good generator drive gear pre-installed for you (with a new pin) for an additional $20 – see below for that product and simply add it to your cart.

NOTE: only available while I have them in stock.

Solidly packed in custom metal box and shipped to your door!

**NOTE: Adjustments assume the original Ford Cut-out is used. Final fine-adjustment of 3rd brush (charge rate) may be necessary once you get it depending on your car and accessories and is very easy to do. 5A seems to work for most applications, especially for touring when the car is driven longer distances. If you only drive short distances, 8A might be better in that case to keep the battery fully charged and this is easily changed by moving the 3rd brush once installed in the car. Voltage regulators require different charge rates but can be easily set when this generator is installed in the car using the instructions that come with the regulator.


Better yet, get a new Voltage Regulator when you buy a new generator and it will ship for free with the generator!


The Rear Oiler is not used as these generators use permanently sealed bearings. Just let me know if you want one installed as a decoration.

These units all come with a full 1 Year unconditional warranty included (which starts when you get it).