12 Volt Model T Voltage Regulator NO Ford script


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NOTE: This is a 12 VOLT (TWELVE VOLT) regulator for cars that have been converted to 12 volts.

Are you tired of over-charging your battery? This is a direct bolt-on Cut-out replacement for all 12 volt converted (THIS WILL NOT WORK ON 6V CARS) negative ground cars. Voltage Regulator turns ON when the battery needs charging and OFF when it’s fully charged – there’s nothing better than a visual indication that it’s working. Detailed installation instructions are included.

This product was inspired after the now infamous “Good Times Projects” regulator became discontinued due to unavailable parts. The parts used in design of this regulator are likely to never become discontinued. Many hundreds of hours went into the design and testing of this product. Contributors are from all over the world in the USA, Neew Zealand and Australia and in include Tony Bowker, John Hunter, Luke, Mike and Jeff Stevenson who all contributed comments on the MTFCA Forums related to design and rigorous testing. Testing was performed on over a dozen cars over the course of more than a year and many design changes ensued once real cars went for real drives. Jeff picked up the ball after we got stalled trying to source a cutout-style can. He created a 3D cutout design from the ground up, custom tooling was made and sheet metal cut and bent. The new “can” tops are currently being made (ETA 10/1/23), so these regulators ship with a refurbished cutout top. The result is what you see here.


This product comes with a 1 YEAR warranty. If it doesn’t work, I replace it, as long as it wasn’t damaged during installation. Not disconnecting your battery during installation VOIDs this warranty. Your car’s generator needs to be functioning well and able to charge with at least 5 amps, or this device will not work. This product will not magically fix your faulty wiring, ancient generator, or other electrical problems 100+ year old cars tend to create over time.

Please send me a Cutout core with or without the Ford Script to use or I cannot produce more of these. I will include a postage paid return label with your order.

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