Rebuilt Starters

Rebuilt Starters

Ford Model t

Rebuilt Starters

6 Volt Model T Starters

were first installed by Ford in the Model T in 1919. Their design is very simple, a rotating armature powered by strong field coils. But inherent in this early design are several faults. Most notably, the starter post is not securely fastened to the starter housing and is often subjected to over tightening which results in a failed connection. The rear and nose bearings are were babbit and wear out, and the armature brushes only last so long. Field coils are wrapped with cloth tape which disintegrates after being in contact with oil for 100 years. And Ford relied on the interference fit of the brass armature bushing to keep oil out of the starter. As you have probably discovered, old starters leak a lot of oil. 

I manufacture several custom parts for these units including solid copper starter posts, brush insulators, brush holders, and bendix bearings. 

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