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    Generator gear installation


    Generators ship w/out the gear. Add this to your cart to have me add a gear to your generator and leave the one on your core you return.

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    Model T Solid Copper Starter Post


    Most of the vendor are selling starter posts made out of Bronze. That’s ok, but Copper is MUCH better, especially when you’re trying to cram as much of that 6v battery power into the starter as possible. I start with at 3/8″ copper rod, and then thread about 1″ using a 3/8″-16 die on my…

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    Stewart 2301 Speedometer Gear


    .    After loosing my speedometer gear multiple times due to a broken shaft, I fixed the shaft and designed a Stewart 2301 speedometer gear, also in OnShape. This gear was quite challenging to get right, but it works flawlessly. Again, I 3D print it in PETG. Ive had this gear on my T for…