1919-1927 Ford Model T Starter/Generator Exchange prices (2023)


All my rebuilds use brand new field coils. Yes, this adds to the expense, but if you saw just how many units I’ve repaired that had rewrapped field coils at some time in the not-so-distant past, you would understand why. Field windings are just bare copper wire insulated with a protective lacquer coating. Over time, that coating breaks down just like it does on old furniture, and those bare spots touch bare wires next to them causing shorts. No matter how careful you are when rewrapping field coils, it is literally impossible to prevent these shorts from happening. Shorted field coils are one of the main causes of starter and generator failures.

Rebuilt Generator: $350 (new  field coils reconditioned armature)

Rebuilt Generator with new field coils & newly rewound armature, when available

Generator- ADD reconditioned gear and new gear pin $20

Rebuilt 6v Starter: $400 new field coils

12v Starter conversions $525  new field coils

Core charge is $50 if you want to buy these units outright.

New gaskets and woodruff key are included with all rebuilt generators.
Bendix cover gasket, engine gasket and new replacement bendix bolt retaining washer (the one you unbent taking it out) are also included with all starters.

All units are shipped in a custom made, sturdy shipping box you reuse to send a core back to me.

Shipping cost is usually ~$18 (generator)- ~$20(starter) USPS priority 3 day shipping to anywhere in the USA. You send your core back in the same box. I include a return postage USPS flat rate box label to return your core.

All units shipped to the US also come with a Full 1 Year Warranty. If it breaks within a year, I replace it.

International Shipping

I’ve shipped starters and generators all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the UK, mostly using freight forwarders as they are the most cost effective. Send me an email (jeff@modeltstarters.com) with your full contact info and we can figure out a way to get you one!

Misc Model T items I make that are also For Sale

Stewart Warner 16 Tooth Speedometer gear – perfect reproduction. Reproduced using ABS Plastic.
$15 + $5 shipping.  Buy Here

Solid Copper (NOT Bronze) threaded Starter post assembly w/ nuts, fiber washer and insulator.
$50+ $10 Shipping.   Buy Here